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The Pacific Community (SPC)

Currently Recruiting

CFAN is recruiting an advisor to be placed directly within the Pacific Community (a Direct Access Entity). The advisor’s targeted mandate will be to access international and domestic sources of public and private finance, and to structure investment in Pacific countries’ priority mitigation and adaptation areas in alignment with strategic priorities under Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the UNFCCC and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs). 


In the Pipeline

Not all projects under development are listed below due to confidentiality constraints. As soon as projects are confirmed to be publicly viewable, we will add their details to the pipeline.

Advisor Responsibilities

Support the identification, development, design and implementation of climate finance projects under multilateral or bilateral funding sources.

Provide strategic advice, technical guidance, awareness, and training on operations, requirements and development processes of climate change projects.

Support the channeling of climate finance to regional, national and local levels through SPC-led climate change projects.

Implementing Partner