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Host Country Process

Six Steps to Real Results

1. Countries Express Interest

Countries indicate their interest in working with a CFAN advisor by submitting a formal expression of interest. CFAN then follows up with countries to discuss the opportunity. Based on these discussions and available funding, and in close consultation with its membership network, CFAN will determine whether it can offer an advisor.

2. Advisors are Hired

In response to each country’s objectives, CFAN selects climate finance advisors to work in-country for a period of at least one year. CFAN advisors are hired under a tailored mandate focused on navigating the climate finance system and creating clear, concise, and concrete investment opportunities that will be attractive to donors.

3. Advisors are Placed in-Country

Advisors begin work in-country within the host ministry or entity responsible for coordinating climate finance. To build lasting capacity in-country, the advisors, CFAN member initiatives, and the CFAN Network Coordinator work alongside key national stakeholders to support the development of climate finance proposals and investments.

4. Advisors Are Trained

Alongside their in-country work, CFAN advisors attend a state-of-the-art, rigorous, cohort-based, multi-month intensive training program that prepares them to unlock climate finance flows. The curriculum, which was developed as a direct response to countries’ needs and priorities, covers key topics on project design, project finance, and communication and facilitation. Additionally, a “train the trainers” approach is integrated across the program to ensure advisors are equipped to train others in what they have learned.

5. CFAN Builds and Maintains Capacity

CFAN provides ongoing technical backstopping to advisors while also building lasting capacity through in-country trainings for key national stakeholders. These trainings include project development write-shops, ensuring climate finance capacity remains in-country beyond the tenure of the advisor. Stakeholders gain valuable experience through the project cycle, from project identification and development through to funding.

6. Projects Are Funded

CFAN advisors help develop, structure, and deliver local impact through national and regional bankable concepts and projects that support sustainable development pathways and investment in mitigation and adaptation.

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