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French Polynesia

In the Pipeline

Not all projects under development are listed below due to confidentiality constraints. As soon as projects are confirmed to be publicly viewable, we will add their details to the pipeline.

Advisor Responsibilities

Support the Government of French Polynesia in the identification, development, design and implementation of climate finance projects

Provide capacity building, awareness and training to the Government of French Polynesia concerning climate finance projects including operations, requirements and development processes

Develop tools for analysis, evaluation and decision-making on climate finance planning and programming

Coordination, facilitation and outreach with climate finance partners

French Polynesia's Advisor

Manon Marcadet

Manon Marcadet

Manon has known since her first experience working in an environmental NGO that she wanted to work in climate change - and specifically, where the needs were greatest. For the past decade has been working in the field of climate finance and climate policies, most recently with the French Development Bank in the Pacific, Paris, West Africa.

"It is meaningful to me personally return to French Polynesia because this is where I've witnessed the most climate change impacts," she says. "And this is also where I've been moved the deepest about the way people fight climate change on a daily basis and the way the culture is linked to nature."

Embedded in French Polynesia as CFAN advisor for the local government, she will build upon her diverse international work experience, a Sciences Po Rennes master's degree in law and politics, and bring her energy and dedication to the cause of climate and sustainability.

“I'm drawn to this work for the rare opportunity to work this close to the local climate finance needs”
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