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Our Members

A global network building in-country climate finance capacity.

CFAN is a global network that brings together developing countries, donors and institutions, and regional and international organizations. To ensure additionality and reduce costs, CFAN partners with existing initiatives and organizations experienced in building in-country climate finance capacity. 

Organizations that join CFAN as part of its operational platform are referred to as Member Initiatives. In order to be considered for membership, organizations must have a robust climate finance track record in either deploying advisors in-country, providing technical training in climate finance, or developing capacity-building programs.

Our Members

Membership Benefits and Responsibilities 

Organizations that partner with CFAN benefit from improved national and regional climate finance coordination, access to technical expertise, and complementary development support. Participation in the network can ultimately result in expanded geographic scope, greater visibility, reputational benefits, and increased funding opportunities. 

Membership Options

Each organization decides the level at which it would like to participate in CFAN. All members support the strategic and operational governance of CFAN through participation on either the Steering Committee or Advisory Group.

  • Advisor Enrollment Members

    Contribute Capacity: Add capacity to the network by recruiting, hiring, and enrolling qualified advisors in CFAN, and managing advisors during deployment. Advisor Enrollment Members also provide input into the development of CFAN services and products, contribute strategic guidance, share relevant resources, and help identify country demand.

  • Training Member

    Contribute Technical Expertise: Help design and/or host the CFAN advisor training program, in-country trainings, or knowledge transfer programs. Training Members also provide input into the development of CFAN services and products, provide strategic guidance, and share relevant resources. 

  • Affiliate Member

    Support CFAN Implementation: Offer complementary services, such as strengthening enabling environments and helping to coordinate country demand, thereby supporting advisors in successfully structuring and securing finance. Affiliate Members provide one or more of the following services: sharing relevant resources and information about their initiatives, providing input into the development of CFAN services and products, and/or identifying country demand for climate finance advisors.

Become a Member

We welcome membership from any interested organization or initiative whose scope of work aligns with our mission. To join, let us know your intent to participate and desired membership category.

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