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St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Now hiring!

CFAN is hiring a climate finance advisor to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, who will be embedded in the Economic Planning Division. This role will support the mobilization of resources in support of Saint Vincent and the Grenadine's climate agenda.

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In the Pipeline

Not all projects under development are listed below due to confidentiality constraints. As soon as projects are confirmed to be publicly viewable, we will add their details to the pipeline.

Advisor Responsibilities

Develop and submit climate finance funding proposals, with a particular focus on renewable energy, energy storage and energy efficiency projects, including by navigating the range of financing sources, engaging stakeholders to fulfil funding proposal requirements, and assessing financial instruments to structure investments

Work within the Project Development Team at the Economic Planning Division to structure project proposals to access climate finance.

Assist the Economic Planning Division in the expansion of its project/program portfolio through the development of project ideas, concept notes and proposals.

Supporting the mainstreaming of climate change into Saint Vincent and the Grenadines sustainable development planning by providing technical support and expertise.

Where possible, pursue opportunities to finance projects through domestic resources as a means of enhancing country ownership.

Coordinate between national ministries to accelerate projects through the investment pipeline.

Implementing Partner