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Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)

The Advisor to the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) provides capacity support to the Project Development and Management Unit (PDMU) of the CCCCC in developing project/program proposals and resource mobilization for Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States and the Caribbean Region in general.

In the Pipeline

Not all projects under development are listed below due to confidentiality constraints. As soon as projects are confirmed to be publicly viewable, we will add their details to the pipeline.

Advisor Responsibilities

Work within the Project Development Team at the CCCCC to structure project proposals in its Entity Work Programme to access climate finance, including establishing synergies with the Commonwealth Climate Finance Advisor, the SIDAR Programme and other similar projects.

Work within the Project Development Team at the CCCCC to examine factors affecting climate finance uptake, inclusive of capacity issues.

Assist the PDMU in the expansion of its project/programme portfolio through the development of project ideas, concept notes and proposals.

Collaborate with other members of the PDMU, Finance and Procurement in the development and management of project ideas, concept and proposals that are included in the Country Programmes of CARICOM Member States as well as the CCCCC Entity Work Programme (EWP).

Additional responsibilities enumerated here.

Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)'s Advisor

Bradley Douglas

Bradley Douglas

Bradley is a development professional with over 11 years of experience in the fields of agriculture, environmental policy, climate finance, disaster risk management, project development, stakeholder engagement, and research. His expertise spans across both the private and public sectors, where he has spearheaded several initiatives at the national, regional, and international level. He has provided technical and consultative support to various donor-funded activities, such as the mobilization of over USD 3.5 million in localized GCF readiness financing, REDD+ strategic actions, MRV systems, capacity building, adaptation planning and a regional early warning systems project.

Prior to joining CFAN, he worked with the Green Climate Fund, European Commission, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, and the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency amongst others. Bradley holds a BSc. Agriculture and Food Engineering, MSc. Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security and certifications in project management, environmental education, and urban planning.

He is a youth climate change advocate, writer, OECS Chevening Alumnus, and is fluent in both English and Spanish. He has a passion for regional advancement and ultimately advancing the NDCs through increased mobilization of access to climate finance and contributing towards the transition of more low-carbon resilient economies across the globe.

“ For SIDS, unboxing the parameters of climate financing is critical. The CFAN Advisor role is a unique toolkit towards: C- catalyzing our commitments to climate change, L - leveraging our resources to build more sustainable economies, I - incorporating the voices of youth, the marginalized and vulnerable into national policies and decision making processes, M - mobilizing key investments through enhanced public-private sector partnerships, A - advancing the SDGs through strategic and collaborative action, T - transforming and improving livelihoods and E - empowering all citizens to become agents of positive change for generations to come.”
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