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Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC)

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In the Pipeline

Not all projects under development are listed below due to confidentiality constraints. As soon as projects are confirmed to be publicly viewable, we will add their details to the pipeline.

Advisor Responsibilities

Work within the Project Development Team at the CCCCC to structure project proposals in its Entity Work Programme to access climate finance, including establishing synergies with the Commonwealth Climate Finance Advisor, the SIDAR Programme and other similar projects.

Work within the Project Development Team at the CCCCC to examine factors affecting climate finance uptake, inclusive of capacity issues.

Assist the PDMU in the expansion of its project/programme portfolio through the development of project ideas, concept notes and proposals.

Collaborate with other members of the PDMU, Finance and Procurement in the development and management of project ideas, concept and proposals that are included in the Country Programmes of CARICOM Member States as well as the CCCCC Entity Work Programme (EWP).

Additional responsibilities enumerated here.