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The Climate Finance Access Network at COP28 in Dubai

Staff from the program coordinator team and CFAN advisors attended the UN Climate Conference and hosted several events over the course of the first week. Details on these events can be found below.


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CFAN Advisors in Dubai

CFAN Advisor to Papua New Guinea and St. Lucia Phonesavanh Latmany and Skeeta Carasco were on the ground at COP28, representing CFAN’s Pacific and Caribbean cohorts. In addition to serving on their country delegations, they spoke and presented at CFAN and partner events, sharing their insights from the frontlines of unlocking climate finance. Please reach out to Denali Hussin, [email protected], with any interview requests.

Launching CFAN’s Caribbean Cohort: Unlocking climate finance access through lasting capacity

Sunday December 3, 12:00-1:00PM GST
CARICOM Pavilion 

This event brought together global leaders, Canada and the US, to demonstrate meaningful and scalable climate finance support in the Caribbean. High-level representatives from the region will speak to their needs and experiences, while the Climate Finance Access Network (CFAN)’s first Caribbean advisor will share her insights from the ground in sourcing finance for distributed, resilient, and clean energy projects, thereby contributing to energy inclusion and justice and creating lasting change in project development in the Caribbean. Opening remarks from high-ranking Canadian and US representatives will set the stage for global leadership on catalyzing climate capital.

The launch of CFAN’s Caribbean cohort at this event demonstrated how successful models for unlocking finance can be scaled globally in nations most in need of capacity and support.

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Responding to the Global Stocktake: Mobilizing Finance at Speed and Scale 

Sunday December 3, 3-3:50PM GST
Moana Blue Pacific Pavilion

At COP28, climate finance was again at the top of agenda. With the release of the Global Stocktake, it is unequivocal that urgent climate action at an unprecedented scale and pace is required to course correct and ensure Island nations’ survival. Finance is critical to enable this step change. This event brought together leaders, experts and practitioners to discuss bold innovative finance approaches that meet the urgency of the climate crisis.

In the Pacific, our leaders have made it clear that access to climate finance remains a top priority. While discussion of climate finance flows in the region has largely centered on scaling up investments and accelerating access to climate finance, this event pushed discussion to explore innovative financial mechanisms and approaches that are relevant, specific and timely for the Pacific. It created a space where bold ideas and solutions can be brought to light. Conversation encompassed practical approaches to accessing finance that challenge the status quo and present opportunities to scale.

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Accelerating the Energy Transition in the critical decade: Raising Ambition and Implementing at scale

Monday December 4, 12:30-1:30PM GST
NDC Partnership Pavilion

The Global Stocktake synthesis report states that both collectively and individually, countries’ actions and commitments are insufficient to meet the 1.5C goal of the Paris Agreement. With energy emissions at an all-time high and the devastating impacts of climate change being felt across the globe, world leaders are being urged to take decisive action at COP28. This includes calls for a new, ambitious target: to triple global renewable energy capacity and double energy efficiency by 2030.

With the pressure on and stakes high, this event served as a platform to discuss how such a target can enhance ambition in the revised NDCs and how its implementation can start expeditiously after COP28.


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