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Caribbean Regional Manager

Nnyeka Prescod

Nnyeka Prescod is an international development cooperation practitioner with 13 years’ experience in the areas of climate change mitigation, adaptation, disaster resilience, resource mobilization and partnership development.

“CFAN is unlocking much-needed financing and providing tailor-made country level and regional assistance to support the implementation of key developmental priorities while safeguarding and building resilience around our communities and economies,” Nnyeka says. “Being part of the regional and global community of CFAN – which undertakes a holistic and responsive approach towards ensuring the securing of climate finance where it is most needed – is rewarding in every way imaginable. I see myself and my own vulnerabilities as a SIDS national in those we serve.”

Her experience covers SIDS, LLDCs and LDCs with her work assignments covering the sustainable development and energy transition agenda in global SIDS, as well as accelerating the energy transition and advancing resilience to climate change in African countries. She has experience in the implementation and management of donor-funded programs, having led the crafting and design of a €4 million project preparation facility for the advancement of climate resilience and mitigation projects under the European Union to be executed within the Caribbean region. She has also worked to advance the implementation of projects alongside international financing institutions such as the GCF, IRENA’s CIP, EDF amongst others.

Nnyeka possesses a Masters of International and Comparative Law in Environmental and Climate Change Law, a Master of Science in Sustainable Building Technology and an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Alternative Energy.

As Caribbean Regional Manager, she serves as project leader responsible for the coordination of CFAN’s portfolio of Caribbean countries and partners.