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Where is CFAN Working Now?

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By cultivating a community of highly skilled and embedded climate finance advisors, CFAN aims to unlock access to climate finance at scale in developing countries. CFAN advisors are hired locally and work in countries for up to two years on a tailored mandate co-developed by host countries and CFAN, focusing on project finance and design.

What Is CFAN?

The Climate Finance Access Network (CFAN) supports developing countries in securing and structuring finance for climate investments. By cultivating a network of highly trained, embedded climate finance advisors, CFAN builds the capacity of developing countries to more quickly access climate finance and achieve their climate objectives. Ultimately, CFAN ensures that more countries have access to advisors who are better prepared and better connected to both donor institutions and other advisors around the world.

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Green Bank Design Summit
Green Bank Design Summit


Although the volume of climate finance flowing from developed to developing countries has increased, the system for accessing that finance has become highly complex. Most small or low-income countries lack sufficient capacity to navigate the system, resulting in a climate finance bottleneck that is mutually frustrating for those providing finance as well as those trying to access it.

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“Access issues are systemic and persistent. We need to make a dent in this totally unfair system.” - H.E. Mr. Selwin Hart, Special Advisor to the Secretary-General on Climate Action and Assistant Secretary-General for the Climate Action Team

Where does CFAN operate?

CFAN is country-driven and available to all developing countries with a focus on Least Developed Countries, Small Island Developing States, and African countries. Climate finance advisors are deployed in the country-identified ministry or office responsible for accessing and coordinating climate finance. CFAN’s first Pacific advisor cohort is live now in Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

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How does CFAN work?

CFAN brings together several international organizations experienced in building in-country climate finance capacity, which have provided ongoing input to the CFAN design and will participate in its implementation. Member initiatives with a track record in deploying embedded climate advisors enroll a subset of their advisors—those with a targeted mandate to access and structure finance—in CFAN. Advisors attend a multi-week, cohort-based training, which includes technical training as well as relationship-building with public and private finance providers. Following the training, advisors work in-country for at least one year. CFAN provides ongoing technical support to advisors while also building long-term capacity on the ground through in-country trainings for civil servants.

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“The way in which power is organized in the decision-making of global finance institutions and funds is asymmetric — the issue is not the money. It is almost by design that we cannot access the money.” - H.E. Dr. Satyendra Prasad, Fijian Ambassador to the United Nations

Resources and Publications

Article: Informing the New Collective Quantified Goal Process

This article introduces an upcoming series that seeks to inform the process of determine the new climate finance goal. Funded by the German government and undertaken with a group of top NGOs, the series ultimately seeks to get at: Are we asking the right questions?

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